Notice of high temperature vacation

Dear all :
As High temperature is acctacking Xi'an ,we made a decision - a 8 days high temperature vacation for our company.
Holiday  from 4th August to 11th August 2018. We will work at 12th August ,2018 .
Duiring the holidays , we would not produce and any shipment .But we still offer the technology support by phone or chat online. Plus , if you  have some shipments business ,please Inform us in advance or after we had a holidays.
For employees , please take care yourself and don't drunk driving .

Shift engineer :+8615309225333 (Mr. Hao )
Foreign Trade Department :+8613991268622   ( Goben )


Contact: Mr.zheng

Phone: +8613991268622

Tel: +86-29-89129752


Add: Chang Yan Bao Industrial Park,Yan Ta District ,XI'AN China