High Frequency Wire Saw

  • High Frequency Wire Saw
High Frequency Wire Saw

High Frequency Wire Saw

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  • HF wire saw
  • high frequency wire saw
  • Product description: HF-103DM HF electric wire saw are modular in design, which has high stability,reliability and convenient maintenance.

HF-103DM  High Frequency Electric Wire Saw

With over 20 years of experience in developing, designing and producing high-quality sawing machines.

HF-103DM  High Frequency  Electric Wire Saw

Wireless Remote Control

high frequency power and user-friendly


Wire storage           10m

Wire Φ, sintered      11.5mm

Wire Φ, brazed       10.5mm


Drive wheel :          Φ280mm

Guide pulleys:        Φ168mm

Feed wire storage: Electric

Electric motor

Water-cooled high-frequency motor

Output  32A  17kW 19kg

Output  16A  9kW  15kg

Other power can be customized (eg.30kW)


Voltage       380~480V (Single-phase is available)

Frequency     50Hz/60Hz

Weight         18kg

Wireless control  1.8kg

Dimensions & weight

Height               1100 /1600mm

Width                     900mm

Depth                     550mm

Weight                    85kg

Weight excl. main motor   60kg

(Main motor can be disassembled and mounted

quickly and easily)

Wire Saw Performance Comparison of Hilti WS15 and OK HF-103DM

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