Diamond Wire Saw

  • diamond wire saw
  • diamond wire saw
diamond wire sawdiamond wire saw

diamond wire saw

  • diamond wire saw
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  • Product description: The main cutting materials are concrete, reinforced concrete, steels, widely be used for cutting building, bridge, big post, cement pipe, sunken ship, steel pipe, steel cable, etc..
Premium Diamond Wire Saw for concrete sawing and concrete cutting Reinforced Concrete Sawing Diamond Wire Saw 100 Feet /Roll (30.5m). Diamond Wire for Concrete Diamond Wire Sawing Machine (Thick), 10.8mm x 40 beads / meter,or 11.5mm x 40 beads / mete  Rubber Injection, Premium Quality.

OUKAI Diamond Wire designed for delivering the highest concrete cutting and sawing performance at the lowest cost.

Sawing Performance Comparison of Brazed and Sintered Diamond Wires 

(1) The brazed diamond wire exhibits with lower sawing forces compared to the sintered wire: 16% of tangential force and 28% of normal force can be reduced. (2) The force ratio of the brazed diamond wire is lower than that of the sintered wire. This means that the brazed wire is sharper than the sintered wire and cuts into workpiece much more easily. (3) The brazed diamond wire consumes less power than the sintered diamond wire. The linear fit between power and material rate reveals that nearly one-fifth of power can be saved by using the brazed wire. (4) The contact curve linearity during cutting with a brazed wire is better than that with a sintered wire because of the smaller normal sawing force acting on the brazed wire. (5) the sawing production rate can be doubled by using the brazed wire compared to the sintered wire.